Dear customers, Well come to! We are glad to introduce our self as authorized representative of Russian Rough Emerald in India before we proceed Further let’s talk about the brief glorious history of One of the most precious stone in the world that is Russian Emerald.

Russian Emeralds – Discovery 1831 Forest Worker Maxim Stefanovitch Kozhevnikov discovered the first green stones Jan 23, 1831 in roots of a fallen tree Taken to ural mountain for identification. Thus the ural discovery emerald mine found in 1833 just north Modern Natural Gemstone Carving Produced by Skilled Artisans in ural 1930-1980. Western Jewellers, Gemmologists and Labs have rarely heard of “Russian” emeralds on the market in recent times – Why?? Most of the Russian emeralds (& diamonds) entered the world market with other labels Cold War issues resulted in “sanitizing” the country of origin Increased Value-Added by calling the emeralds “Colombian”. Since the 1960s the sales have been via Soviet state enterprises or via Indian rough gemstone buyers where “branding” and “origin” were non-issues. Only India is the source of the fabled “Old Mine Colombian” emeralds Some experienced dealers have speculated that these “Old Mine Colombian” are in fact russian emeralds The Kremlin in Moscow – the “Armory Collection” has many world class Russian emeralds on display – along with the Russian diamonds Russian-Israel venture in the early 90s was short lived but created a strong specialized demand for “Known” russian emerald Famous Russian Emeralds “ President” from underground 1993 In excess of 5000 carats Finest colour and good clarity Sold for $150,000 to the Gohkran in 1996 worlds largest Emerald mine.